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Visual Creations is a visual media company specializing in video production. We create visual media for our clients and their marketing campaigns. We shoot their videos in High Definition format, which we can then directly embed into their websites. We can also stream their events live online as well.

Visual Media is a powerful tool for communication and a great way to market your business online. Whether it be corporate, training, instructional, marketing or arts and entertainment, we specialize in utilizing high quality visual media as a large part of our foundation.

We combine our technical expertise along with a keen aesthetic sense to produce high quality videos. The Visual Creations philosophy is to be extremely creative and enjoy the process of production every step of the way. Our Mission is simple: create unconventional, informative and interesting videos for our clients in both the public and private sector, as well as creating and producing our own independent productions.

Our work has been distributed nationally and internationally and we’re particularly proud of our tradition of serving musicians and fashion designers with creative style pieces that excite and entertain. We’ve captured the performances of numerous professional musicians at the local music festivals in Monterey, CA. In the last several years we’ve specialized in HD video production and live streaming video on the web. We also strive to help local, regional and international clients along with small businesses and non-profits. We’re here to help you reach your goals! Let us Create some Visuals for You. Visual Creations.

Call or Text For More Information 831.275.0880