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Who We Are

Visual Creations visual media services are professional, powerful and affordable. We understand small businesses and non-profits and we also understand that every dollar you spend needs to be an effective investment. We value your business and we strive to create interesting and exciting visual media that accomplishes your goals.

Every business is unique, and so are the videos that they use to tell their stories. We understand that different projects require different solutions. We’re experts in creating engaging visual media and we create your video using HD cameras. We can then embed that HD Video directly into your existing website.

Why is Video Important?

Video production serves a wide variety of purposes. For many charitable organizations, high-definition visual media can be the driving force behind fundraising campaigns. Other organizations, like small businesses and training facilities, use our productions to explain their services and increase their sales.

What is Web Based Video Marketing?

The Internet is an information superhighway. Information is available on-demand 24 hours a day. Most information is in the form of text and graphics which are viewed via web browsers. In the online world, audio and video are quickly gaining popularity because of their efficiency and overall quality of information. The fact is, your brain is wired for audio and video and visual media is much more appealing than text.

Why is video better than text based information?

It’s obvious, a video proves that real people can solve their problems by using the information contained in the video. Most people only believe what they can see with their eyes. If your video is successful in presenting them with visual proof of how to accomplish their goals by using your product or service then it can quickly trigger those viewers into making a buying decision.

The fact is, that “education” allows a person to decide quickly and can guide him/her towards the right path. If your product or service doesn’t solve their problem the viewer can go another direction and you can avoid the agony of attracting the wrong customers and wasting each others time.

Another great benefit of web video is that it can be played “on-demand” anytime day or night. Anyone interested can view it anytime he/she wants, as many times as they want, as opposed to TV commercials that are only shown during a certain time-frame and can be very expensive. This is why internet video is developing into a new marketing vehicle for marketers all around the world. Web Video for Business can give you the tools you need to help you succeed in the digital age by increasing your leads and sales by using creative online video marketing.

How do I use videos on the internet for marketing?

The best answer is “to educate the viewers”. Education of any kind makes the viewer more comfortable. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a buying decision. Many people browse the Internet to find a solution or learn more about a topic. A web video is an excellent way to help viewers gain extra knowledge about their topic of interest and also get people talking about your product or service.